At VIVEKANAND CHILDREN ACADEMY, we strive for the overall development of the child with a strong team of dedicated professionals noted for their love of teachings; we are well equipped to successfully monitor the learning and development of all our students. We follow a positive philosophy and our environment is highly conducive to learning. The atmosphere in the school provides the right ambience for our students to develop and reach their fullest potential. We strongly believe that only a holistic education will enable our youngsters to face the challenges of the future confidently.

At this Stage, the focus shifts to self-directed and collaborative learning. The scholastic subjects offered at this stage are English, Hindi, Elementary Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science and Social science. The computer education, Art education and Physical & Health education adds a test to the scholastic aspect of the students education.

Life skills (Thinking’s skills, Social and emotional skills) and attitudes and Values develop a child to become a good citizen. Sports activities make the students physically fit and mentally alert. Club Activities, Theater and Dramatics, Inter and Intra School Activities provide students an opportunity to discover their talent in diverse fields with the right spirit.

At the Secondary level, students are trained to be self-reliant resourceful to manage challenges effectively to actualize their goals. With the introduction and implementation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in CBSE curriculum, the examination stress has been reduced drastically. The curriculum fosters divergent and perceptive thinking and problem solving skills. It helps to comprehend concepts and incorporate information gathered from various sources through experimental and research based learning.

Creativity itself doesn't care at all about results - the only thing it craves is the process. Learn to love the process and let whatever happens next happen, without fussing too much about it

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