Chairman Message

VIVEKANAND CHILDREN ACADEMY over the years has shown a good progress. I have seen this school to grow in height and status. I am satisfied with the progress made by the school in the field of education and sports. I am confident; this young school will shine not only in Rae Bareli but also in the adjoining areas.

As a Chairman of VIVEKANAND CHILDREN ACADEMY, my endeavor is, and will be to provide it with best of infrastructure and facilities to keep pace with the modern technology. Let me assure you, it will be a building with all the modern education facilities and infrastructure for all types of sports.

I am happy that the management and the faculty are working hard to give their best to your children. I have no doubt, the students passing out from this school will be competent young men capable of facing new challenges brought about by advancement of technology and globalization.

Ravindra Singh

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